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Penguin Productions Photography FAQ's

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

A: Penguin Productions uses high-quality digital Canon SLR cameras. We always bring a backup camera as well.


Q: What is a flush-mount album?

A: Flush-mount refers to how the images are mounted flush to the edge of the page in an album. Traditional albums are matted, with each photo separately mounted. In a flush-mount, or magazine-style album, each page is a custom-designed collage printed on a single piece of photographic paper. It is almost like a coffee table book, with no restrictions on photo size or cropping. We feel that the story of your special day can be better told with an artistic arrangement. Penguin still offers traditional-style albums, but once you see for yourself what a work of art a digitally-designed album can be, you will know why this is our most popular album choice!


Q: What is a proof magazine?

A: A proof magazine is a booklet of all of your images, printed on quality photographic paper. It is yours to keep, and is also helpful for deciding which photos to include in your album.


Q: Can I order loose prints?

A: Yes. While most packages come with a proof magazine, you can always order extra prints, from wallet to large wall-portrait size.



All packages include a blend of photojournalistic, candid, and traditional style portraiture and may be printed in black & white, sepia, or color.

Our most popular packages feature one 10x10 flush-mount Leather Craftsmen album
a Proof Magazine of fully edited & enhanced images

Please call for more detailed packages, prices, and to schedule a free demo.


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